"JUSTIN DAVID LONDON" is eyewear brand of the"BAU HOUSE" that debuted in 2008.

The desire for new brand to add more fashionable elements to eyewear after tradition-based settlement of the Solid Blue

caused Justin David London brand to be launched.


Freedom of city people and stable lifestyle is the motive of Justin David London eyewear and

it can be compared to a blend of Jazz and blues in music. The feeling of not being so flashy, not too old and not being discolored

was expressed into the designs of eyewear with understated techniques.

Loneliness wraps around the body like blues and hope gives a little excitement like jazz.


The wavy patterned wood color, symbolic color of Justin David London eyewear is the result of efforts to create

the same eyewear made of water buffalo bone that is the most suitable natural material for optical frame with acetate instead.

This was success for creation luxurious and natural effect after many trials and errors.

Each eyewear of Justin David London is made by the skilled craftsman in Fukui of Japan with great care.